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I know that I wasn't much of a wife at first. I was way too young and inexperienced for Tom, but he wanted to do the right thing and we got married. The whole thing was a mistake, but I got pregnant too early, and there wasn't really anything that we can do but to get together in marriage. After my pregnancy and the birth, he almost never touched me again. I guess he never loved me for real, and all that we had was some vague friendship and that initial passion. I knew there were others, and I always wondered what made him go to them instead just staying here with me. We could have sex. But we didn't.

During one, night, I got up to go to the bathroom, when I saw the light of the screen in the living room. I peeked in and saw my husband with his pants down, jerking off and moaning like I never heard him do it before. On the screen was this nakedsexlife.com porn video in which girl gulps down a big cock looking the guy straight into his eyes. I was aroused and afraid at the same time. I didn't want him to see me, but I something kept me watching that from the safe distance, in the dark. I got to see that the site was vvtube.com Maybe because it was wrong, or because Tom could turn around and see me at any moment, my heart started racing, I broke a sweat and I suddenly realized that my pussy was getting all wet, as well. I had to check, so I slipped my hand in my panties, and it was true. Then I started doing something that I haven't done in ages. I started caressing my clit and slipping my middle finger in and out of my pussy. That felt amazing. While Tom was still jerking off and moaning, watching the video on vvtube.com, I was behind him, biting my nightgown, so I remained silent, shoving more and more fingers up my own pussy.

I guess I got to loud at some point, or I just forgot myself, but while I fantasized about Tom fucking me instead of watching porn, I got carried away, closed my eyes and in a couple of minutes I felt I was about to come. I clenched the nightgown, which was now wet from my bite, and my panties were dripping with my juices. I came so hard. Harder than I remember I ever did. I slowly opened my eyes, just to see Tom standing in front of me, smiling. I was so embarrassed, drenched in my juices, discovered peeping with my pussy all exposed and still pulsating from the orgasm, but the warm smile on his face ensured me that he approved. "Are you ready to go again?" was all he asked. I was happy. I was ready.

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