The Double Teamed Porn

"Let's go to the Salty Dragon tonight. That place is full of a ton of MILF's that want to fuck" said Jack.

"Good idea", responded Dan.

It was 8:00 on a Friday night when the two college students left their dorm room. The Salty Dragon was only a few block away, which allowed the two men to walk the relatively short distance. The bar was already packed when they arrived. Upon entering the local bar, they quickly surveyed all the patrons and immediately saw one of the sexiest MILF's that they had ever seen on

She was standing alone at the bar wearing a short mini skirt and a top that revealed her gigantic tits. Her name was Sandy, she had long blonde hair and the hottest pair of dick sucking lips that you could imagine. Dan noticed there was an open spot next to her at the bar and said, "lets go talk to her". Immediately the two guys walked over to the sexy blond.

Dan asked, "Can we buy you a drink?"

"Sure, I'll have a double shot of vodka", responded Sandy. The three of them exchanged names and had some small talk for a few minutes while taking several shots of vodka.

"I get so horny when I drink vodka", said Sandy. "Do you boys want to come home with me?"

Both Dan and Jack nodded their heads yes at the same time.

As the three of them walked into the hot MILF's apartment, Sandy instantly grabbed both of their dicks at the same time. Jack and Dan were instantly hard. This caused Sandy to drop down to her knees and switch back and forth between each of their dicks. While she deep throated one cock, she was beating off the other. As Sandy was going to town on Jack's dick, Dan went behind her and ripped off her mini squirt. With Sandy still sucking Dan's dick, Jack shoved his hard cock deep inside her soaked cunt. He began to fuck her from behind, each thrust causing Sanding to shove Dan's dick deeper down her throat.

Jack was going all the way in and all the way out while Sandy was screaming with Dan's dick still in her mouth. Dan pulled his dick out, bent over and started licking Sandy's ass while rubbing her clit. This quickly made Sandy cum, still sucking Jack's dick. Pulling her up, Jack turned the sexy older women onto her back and slid his dick inside. Sandy's legs were spread wide open as she got pounded. Pulling Dan closer, Sandy shoved his whole cock in her mouth. Both of the men were getting their dicks worked so good, they could barely take it anymore.

Almost like a sixth sense, Sandy could tell the cum was about to squirt. Rising back to her knees, she put both of the rock hard dicks in her mouth and sucked them off together. Sandy pulled them out and started to ferociously jack off both dicks until two giant streams of cum hit her directly in the face as it started to spread all over her body. This double penetration porn video is available at!

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